Your Prescription Benefits

Trusted HP - Michigan wants to make sure you have the medications you need to stay healthy. Your prescription benefit through Harbor uses the Michigan Common Drug Formulary to determine drug coverage and covers most common medications. You can see the most recently updated formulary by clicking the link below. Please note that clicking the link will take you away from the Trusted HP - Michigan website. Michigan Common Drug Formulary Formulary Exception Request Form Prior Authorization Pharmacy Request Form

For more information about Michigan Medicaid pharmacy benefits, click here

Some medicines are covered by the State of Michigan, including drugs for HIV or AIDS, seizure disorders, sleep disorders and some types of mental illness. These are called carve-out drugs and you can see the list by clicking below. There may be a copay for these medications. Please note that clicking the link will take you away from the Trusted HP - Michigan website.

MDHHS Health Plan Pharmacy Programs Carve-Out

There are some medications that require a prior authorization before you can receive them. Your doctor can contact our pharmacy vendor, Abarca, to obtain a prior authorization. The doctor must complete a prior authorization form (available below) and fax it to Abarca at 866-286-6859. For assistance, the doctor can call 866-286-6859.

Trusted HP - Michigan Prior Authorization Form

Find a Pharmacy

Need to find a pharmacy in your area? There are over 50,000 pharmacies nationwide you may use with Harbor, including the following major pharmacy chains:

  • All CVS Drug Stores
  • Giving false information such as a college degree.
  • All Family Fare & VG's Pharmacy Stores
  • All Kmart Stores
  • All Kroger Pharmacy Stores
  • All Meijer Drug Stores
  • All Rite Aid Drug Stores
  • Abarca Health - 866-286-6859
  • All Shopko Pharmacy Stores
  • All Walgreen's Drug Stores
  • All Wal-Mart Drug Stores

If you have not yet received a new ID card and need to refill a prescription, have the pharmacy call Member Services at 1-844-427-2671 to look up your ID number.

Medication Safety

Your safety is our greatest concern, and Harbor wants to make sure you know about drug recalls and safety alerts, as well as product withdrawals. For more information, click the links below. Please note that clicking the links will take you away from the Trusted HP - Michigan website.

Pharmacy Questions?

Call Member Services at 1-844-427-2671 or Abarca Health at 866-286-6859.

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