About Us

Harbor Choice HMO offers on- and off-marketplace health plans for residents of Michigan’s Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.

Our History

Since 1996 we have provided health care services to Michigan residents, first as ProCare Health Plan and now as Harbor Health Plan. As ProCare, Harbor was certified as a Clinic Plan in 1996, a Qualified Health Plan in 1998 and a licensed HMO in December 2000. 

Under the Harbor Health banner, we proudly serve Wayne County by:

  • Administering Medicaid benefits to eligible residents.
  • Helping people eligible for Medicare get the complete coverage they need. 
  • Offering affordable health care plans for individuals and families. 

On October 1, 2015, we officially launched Harbor Medicare Plans (HMO). This Michigan-based HMO provides medical, hospital and prescription drug coverage to residents of Wayne County who are eligible for Medicare.

On the same day, we are introducing new plans that give individuals and families access to the high-quality health care they need at an affordable price. Whether you qualify for a subsidy or are just looking for a health plan at the right price, Harbor Choice HMO has the plan for you.